I have been a practising artist for the past 20 years.
The work I produce is concerned with a wide range of contemporary and historical ideas which reflect my diverse and wide ranging research over the past 2+ decades.

Themes that interest me and which I have attempted to explore in my work are both physical concerns with the use of materials within the tradition of painting and other 'traditional' art-making approaches. As well as more philosophical aspects of research that inform the image making process.

Some of the themes I have attempted to explore include:
notions of nationalism & national identity within a wider globalised world, questions around ideologies, understanding commodification and the role consumerism plays in shaping our individual position.

The work is an ongoing attempt to question and perhaps confront these issues.
The ambiguities inherent in different ideologies are a continuing source of ideas, both visual and theoretical, and I believe are evident within the work.

Over the past 20 years I have been involved in a number of successful exhibitions, both commercially and critically in NZ and the UK.

These include:
'Relocation' - Bradford University, UK - 2001
'New Paintings' - Corner Cafe, Sheffield, UK - 2003
‘Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award 2008’ NZ - Finalist
'Art on the Edge' Norfolk, UK. - 2008
‘COCA Anthony Harper Contemporary Art Award 2009’, Christchurch, NZ - Finalist
‘Art-on-the-edge 2' - Memory’ Norfolk, UK - 2010 - (Curating and exhibiting)
'Oscillate' - Nkb Gallery, Auckland, NZ - 2014
'Summer exhibition' Nkb Gallery, Auckland, NZ - 2017

I have artworks in a number of private collections in the UK, France, NZ & Australia as well as work in the public collections of the Waikato Museum & Art Gallery and the Wallace collection in New Zealand.
My work is currently being supported and promoted in UK and New Zealand based galleries

I am currently residing in New Zealand.